Money to help you buy


One of the most difficult things to obtaining home ownership is SAVING MONEY FOR DOWN PAYMENT!

 Could you use $5000 to help you purchase a home?  Well Maryland has just made it a little easier and here is how.  Each county has it's own limit on the amount that will be granted, but you can get upwards of *$40,000 to go towards down payment or closing cost assistance.  Please feel free to contact the link provided to see how this can impact your home buying process.  In some of the clients that I have had the fortune to work with, it has meant the difference of buying vs renting!

The beauty of this is that Realtors and lenders are working together to help with the process.  It doesn't take months or years and you can possibly be in your home 45-60 days after reading this blog!


Copy of flyer:

*Montgomery County


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